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This Day in History 3/14: Albert Einstein

Today I’ll highlight a moment in history from March 14.  This doesn’t happen very often so don’t get used to it.

A big old Happy Birthday goes to Albert Einstein, born today in Ulm, Germany in 1879.  The great German physicist who obliterated previous notions of how we see time, space and energy has been lauded by so many people in so many ways that for me to continue doing this would be a waste of space.  The guy was the wiley-haired usher that led us to our seats for the Modern Age.

If students need a good biography similar to the assignment in my previous post, then Einstein would be a fantastic pick.  Not only was he a brilliant scientist, but also a prescient thinker on spirituality, pacifism, and philosophy.  Plus, he has a face that’s custom-made for a posterboard.

Happy Birthday, Herr Professor.

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