Vegas, Baby! Vegas!

2932092800_bd620bfb96Well, I’ll be off to Las Vegas tomorrow morning. 

Between now and Sunday, the Neighborhood may not be updated as often as I would like, due either to my enjoyment or to the fact that I lost my laptop in a hand of baccarat.

Here’s hoping that my sojourn will be enjoyable and relaxing.  And if I do lose my laptop–I hope to get comped for it.  Just make sure that the pit boss is watching.

Hopefully the weather will comply, although I heard that rain is in the offing for Wednesday when I fly in (only when I come does it rain in the desert!).

Anyway, I’ll be back in the Neighborhood soon, I promise.

PS: If I see you hit on a 14 with the dealer showing a 5, I’ll cut you.  I mean it.

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