Calling all Critics: Need Help with Monday’s PBS series “We Shall Remain”

Tecumseh (1768-1813)

Tecumseh (1768-1813)

I feel bad about welching on a promise, but unforeseen circumstances limited my viewing of “We Shall Remain”, the PBS miniseries detailing the Native American experience in the United States. 

Monday’s episode featured Tecumseh, the great Shawnee leader who created a Native confederacy in the Old Northwest Territory to combat encroaching white settlement in the early decades of our Republic.  Inspired by visions from his older brother, known as the Shawnee Prophet, Tecumseh would lead a 30 year long guerrilla struggle against white American settlers, culminating in his death in 1813, during the war of 1812.

Now, based on all that, it would look like I saw the whole thing.  Well, because of the inclement weather in the Tri-State area, my local PBS affiliate blacked out for extended periods of time during the broadcast.  Thus, I cannot in good conscience provide a review of the episode.  I’m now opening to my fellow amateur historians in the Neighborhood.  If any of you would like to post your reviews of this week’s episode, please feel free to do so.  I hope we can have some great opinions on this, as the series is shaping up to be a good one.

Next week’s episode encounters the forced removal of the Choctaws, the Seminoles, and most importantly the Cherokees from their ancestral homelands in the Southeastern United States during the early 1830s.  Hopefully PBS/Thirteen in New York will get its act together by then.  Until then, I’m looking forward to your opinions.

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