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Spoofing History: MadTV and African-American History

Who wouldn’t want Flavor Flav as their history teacher!   One of the few instances when MadTV is actually funny.  Enjoy.

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Spoofing History: BBC Spoof of Simon Schama

Like many history buffs, I’m a sucker for documentaries.  I may even be the only idiot to actually purchase them for my own video collection.  That’s why I had a riot listening to Jon Culshaw of the BBC comedy show “Dead Ringers.”  In this clip, he spoofs professor Simon Schama as he does his “A History of Britain” series based on his three books.  I was a fan of the series, but I can see through the spoof what I couldn’t before: how documentaries can often over-simplify something very complex, or even make connections that simply do not exist.

Either way, for those familiar with Schama’s work, this is too funny.  Enjoy. NOTE: The BBC is not allowing this video to be embedded.   You can click on the video to see it on another screen.

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