Thanks to the Neighborhood! Re: 5/07

I’d like to extend a big thanks to those of you who responded to my post about my little cousin “once-removed” – thanks Blighter for clearing up that linguistic quandary, although I’m too close to the little guy to ever call him “removed” from anything.

My sis, PhDini, who’s been a rock when it comes to these matters of the cranium, came through again.  I’d like to thank her friend Claire, my buddy Matt and his cousin Sara for providing useful information we can definitely use.  I’ll definitely pass your insights along.  Any and all articles or info that can be found on speech deficiency is certainly helpful.

Finally, Blighter reminded me of a great man of science that also had early problems in speech–Albert Einstein.  Like Einstein, my little cousin is no dummy, so it’s good to see that he’s not alone in this.  Much thanks to you, sir.

I’m still open to other suggestions, thoughts, ideas about this situation, so this will still be an open request.  Just wanted to thank everybody for pitching in for my little guy.  Thanks.

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