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Calling all Teachers! Mr. D is assessing small children and needs your help!

I think it’s a waste of time, but apparently my principal, my assistant principal and their superiors think otherwise.  And once again, I need the Neighborhood’s help.

For the last two weeks of school, Mr. D and his colleague with the lower grades will be leading a team directed to create “goals and objectives” and “accountability plans” for each grade in social studies.  In short, we have to create assessments and a tracking system based on our New York Scope and Sequence in Social Studies–and you know how much I love that.

When it comes to the upper elementary grades (3-5) I’m in pretty good shape.  We have a set program and a paced schedule for each grade, so I’m not too worried there.  My concern is the little kids–primarily Pre-K to 2nd Grade.  These grades provide the cutest children, but they are a graveyard for resources that have real social studies content.  Assessments are another animal entirely.  I mean really, how do you assess a Pre-Kindergarten kid?  They are enough trouble keeping their hands clean and making sure they don’t spill their juice.

I am asking the Neighborhood for any help in two categories: first, if I could be directed to any social studies resources, either in print or online, that cater specifically to PreK, Kindergarten, First or Second grade.  A copy of the standards is included here.  Second, if I could have some feedback on any assessments in social studies that cater to lower grades, that would be great.  Again, use the Scope and Sequence linked above as a reference.

Also, If any teachers out there in the lower grades can share any tips, lesson plans, assessments, games, etc. that you use in social studies, that would be a big help.  Mr. D will definitely reward any help with mentions on the Neighborhood–and links to your blog for some more publicity.

What a way to spend the end of the year, eh?

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