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Movies for the Classroom: 100 Free Movies Online from OpenCulture.com

Today I wanted to wish all 5th graders in New York State the best of luck on their state social studies tests.  I think the test this year was pretty good.  If you had issues with the test with your classroom, let me know.

I was drawn to a posting on OpenCulture that had 100 free movies online, many of them true classics.  I decided to embed Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) as an example.  I know, its hackneyed, hokey and anything if not sentimental, but at least it conveys the ideals of what public service should be about.  It makes for a great opening or closing film about U.S. government.

Many of these films will work great in your classrooms.  If you have any suggestions for more free movies, please inform us at the Neighborhood.  We’re here to help.

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