The holiday party–every kid wants it, but you, as a teacher, dread the day. 

For those who’ve lived through that last day, it is always memorable.   It moves in slow motion, as the consumption of sugar and salty snacks makes your monsters reach a feer pitch.  At least one piece of school property must be broken, especially when the overzealous kids decide to clean the entire room with buckets of dirty, soapy water.

Don’t even mention how the Secret Santa went.

As we approach the winter break, I would like to compile an anthology of the best stories from your classroom parties.  Did a kid puke into the sink?  Did a pack of boys collide into desks like bowling pins?  Any amusing allergic reactions from the kid who’s allergic to EVERYTHING?  Mr. D wants to know.

I’ll be collecting any stories you have over the next couple of weeks.  No contest, so no pressure–I’m just curious as to how other classes endure the holidays.

We at the Neighborhood look forward to hearing your stories.

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