100 Years of Georgetown Basketball

100 Years of Georgetown Basketball

Even though the team took a drubbing this weekend against Notre Dame, and what looks like another tonight against West Virginia, I’m still proud of being a Georgetown Hoya.

I’m working on some curricular stuff this week, so I may be a little more sporadic than usual.  Today is a new video on Hulu, a documentary on Georgetown University’s basketball program on its 100th anniversary, in 2007.  Please enjoy the video, and definitely show it to classrooms where the kids aspire to great heights on the hardcourt. The link is above, as I can’t get the Hulu stuff embedded on this platform.

If you find an unpolished gem I can send to the recruiters, let me know.  Anything to help the program.


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2 responses to “100 Years of Georgetown Basketball

  1. Scott K.

    Spoiler Alert: Is the part about Victor Page being almost completely illiterate and still making it for 2 years in there? Because that’s what I remember personally watching, and it made me think of the Program as a corrupt bargain for visibility. I hope JTIII’s program aspires to more than I saw in his father’s final years.

    • ldorazio1

      Well, Mr. Page was a shared experience, Scott. I try to blot it out of my mind.

      Thank you so much for bringing that nightmare roaring back 😉

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