Who Wants to Open a Charter School with Mr. D?!

If you can’t beat’em, find a deadlier weapon…one that’ll sneak up on them.

I’ve been bitching ad nauseum about the direction of education in this country: the college-age twits that think they are better than veteran teachers; the ass-minded intelligentsia and their boneheaded theories; machine-like administrators who see problem solving as simply creating an independent entity to figure it out, instead of actual guidance.

Finally, New York State may have the answer to our needs.

On Tuesday, the NY Board of Regents (the same people I’m pissed at over the Social Studies thing) announced the release of its 2010 Charter School Application Kit, which will be used by applicants to open new charter schools in New York State. 

This got me thinking: Why don’t we open our own charter school? 

No, I’m not drunk, if you’re wondering.

We could build a school that actually uses tried-and-true methods of learning, instead of squishy theories.  Real content will be taught, instead of the mushy interdisciplinary crap that’s crammed down our throats.  Probably most importantly, we can hold kids and parents accountable for what they need to do, as well as teachers–because contrary to popular belief, we are not gods.

The more I think of it, the better an idea it sounds.

If anyone has experience in the charter school gig (Steve Evangelista at Harlem Link was a college classmate and taught me as a Teaching Fellow…the whole process, according to him, kicked his ass.) or would like to contribute their thoughts…or even time, if you’re a local educator/administrator…on this matter, definitely let me know.

Again, I’m not intoxicated, and this is not a pipe dream.  We’re actually taking this seriously.  I welcome your comments.

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  1. Deanne

    I sent you a message via facebook.

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