Mr. D is guest columnist at Parentella today and tomorrow

In between all your back-to-school madness, take time to visit the blog at Parentella, where they will be publishing a two-part series on back-to-school from the teacher’s point of view, written by yours truly.

The folks at Parentella are really nice, and they’ve been very good at re-tweeting our posts at the Neighborhood for their thousands of Twitter followers.  Thanks for letting me use their space for our ridiculous rantings 😉

I must say, I’m a bit of a neophyte at Twitter, but it seems to me that lots of people on the education forums love to pontificate and rehash tired platitudes.  Parentella, for the most part, keeps it pretty real (granted, not nearly as “adult-centered” as we are, but that’s okay ;)). 

I’ll be putting out one more post before I leave for Rehoboth Beach on Saturday.  Most likely, it’ll be on my brief experience using Twitter so far.  Stay tuned.

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