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Off to California: Mr. D is in LA until 7/25

Sorry about yesterday. For some reason, WordPress ate my Bastille Day post and it disappeared without a trace. (You guys really should look into that.)

Anyway, I’m finally flying out to Los Angeles, just in time for the closure of the 405 known as Carmagedon. No worries, since I fly into Burbank, and my sister lives on the north side of the trouble zone.

It should be a week of fun and sun…anyway, lots of sun.

That said, I may post once or twice during my stay, especially since the Save Our Schools March will happen soon after I come back. I’ll have to see if my schedule concurs.

So if you don’t see me, you can catch me at the march in DC the last weekend of the month.

Gotta go. Have fun without me.

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