A Long Overdue Update Before School Starts

It’s been a crazy summer.  After LA, the SOS March in DC, and a week in Delaware cut short by Hurricane Irene, it may do me some good to get back in the classroom.  Here’s some odds and ends to take care of:

  • The “conversion” experience post has generated quite an interest.  James Boutin and I have collected a few stories already, and we might have a website in the works to showcase these courageous teachers speaking out.  Other bloggers/activists are also interested in the project. Please PLEASE keep the stories coming!
  • In all the Irene hoopla, we forgot about the upcoming September 11 anniversary.  The 10th anniversary of 9/11 comes just as school years start, so its kind of a downer.  Still, its an important one.  Make sure you cover this with your students–and include any personal experiences you can.  The more personal, the better the connection with your kids (Many of whom might not remember, or weren’t born yet!)
  • My school is in flux this week…some new administrators, possibly new staff.  I’m going to post probably one or two more times before school starts up after Labor Day.  But if you don’t see me for a while, you know why.

Have a great school year, everyone!

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