Drunk History: Joan of Arc

I found this on YouTube and it was pretty funny.  It is NOT an official episode of the Drunk History series by Derek Waters, but is made in the exact same style.  It retells the story of Joan of Arc through (surprise, surprise) a drunk person.

Enjoy the video.  I really hope this spate of activity dies down soon so I can get motivated to put more original shit than this…but its better than nothing.

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One response to “Drunk History: Joan of Arc

  1. Alain VAUGE

    This is absolutly true … on one point : Joan had wine, red wine, When exhausted or ill, she used to dunk pieces of bread in red wine and water.

    For more details about Joan’s (real) life, may I suggest to french reading fans of the Maid, to read my last book : “J’ai nom Jeanne la Pucelle, Journal d’une courte vie” (Editions Benevent, France).

    Alain VAUGE

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