Find Mr. D’s Lessons on LearnZillion!

The new year begins with a big announcement: today is the launch of a project on which Mr. D spent a fair amount of his summer.

It took hours of preparation, drafting, revising, rewriting, design, redesign, recording, re-recording…

…I really bust my ass on this, so you guys better listen up.

Today is the launch of LearnZillion, a website designed by teachers to provide video lessons and related resources in English Language Arts and mathematics for grades 3-8.  In a venture co-sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, LearnZillion collected over 120 educators from across the country to spend their summer using their vast expertise designing incredible video lessons that students, parents and teachers can use.

As you can probably tell by now, I’m one of those lucky educators, or the “Dream Team”, as they’re known.

As we speak, over 2000 new lessons are being launched.  Signup is required, but its easy and FREE.  FREE….yes, I said it….FREE.

Did I forget to mention it was FREE?

So when you log on to the FREE materials, you’ll see searchable databases for lessons aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards in reading, writing and math.  There are few, if any, standards that are not touched by these FREE lessons.

They are all top-notch quality, and can be used to buttress your own lessons and provide added support.  I’ll be providing a link on my page (obviously), since I know this year will feature plenty of little whelps who can recite the entire screenplay of 300 but can’t put two sentences together about the Battle of Thermopylae on which that horrible film is based.

So as you are getting your FREE registration to LearnZillion, how’s about a fun game.

Of the over 2000 lessons on the site, 22 of them were made my yours truly.  Who will be the first person to give me the names of all 22 lessons?

The winner will receive something….probably not valuable, nor probably tangible.

Maybe just the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from sharing incredible learning with others.

Or the fact that you basically kited thousands of online videos for FREE…sweet.

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One response to “Find Mr. D’s Lessons on LearnZillion!

  1. What an amazing resource! I had never heard of LearnZillion before, but now I am completely addicted.

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