Videos for the Classroom: “Caine’s Arcade”

This weekend, I was again at TeachFest, this time in beautiful San Francisco, California.  I met up with some old friends, beloved colleagues and many, many new faces.  It was a long, exhaustive, but exciting time for all of us.  More on TeachFest in later posts.

When I was out there, I was introduced to  a young man that really hit my heart.  Caine Monroy is a young boy from East Los Angeles who built a cardboard arcade in his father’s auto parts store.  A young filmmaker, Nirvan Mullick, visited the store for a part for his car, and by happy accident started playing at Caine’s arcade.  He made a movie called “Caine’s Arcade” and its a testament to the imagination and wonder of young people.  Caine’s story has inspired a movement dedicated to play and imagination, and it was a privilege to meet both of them at TeachFest this year.

Here’s a pic of me with Caine and Nirvan:

Nirvan Mullick, Caine Monroy, and Mr. D

Nirvan Mullick, Caine Monroy, and Mr. D

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