Mr. D will be at USC until the 13th and in Colorado until the 18th

English: University of Southern California cam...

English: University of Southern California campus building in 2007. Photo taken by Padsquad. Please observe license and properly cite in use outside Wikipedia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lots happening in the Neighborhood this week, and most of it west of the Mississippi.

I’ll be at a Gilder Lehrman Summer Seminar at the University of Southern California this week, focusing on early American colonization pre-Plymouth.  I’ll be sharing lots of fun material with the Neighborhood.

Next, I’ll be doing some genealogical history of my own.  I’ll be visiting my relatives in Colorado, the first wave of my family to arrive here in America.  They came to the coal mines of southern Colorado and stayed, while my dad made up the second wave of Italians to America in the years after World War II.   I’ve never met them, and my dad hasn’t seen them in 40 years.  I’m EXTREMELY excited to meet them…

(even though the TSA opened my luggage which contained their gifts…I wonder why?)

Anyway, I’ll be very busy and pretty scarce this week.  If you need to email me, you still can, though I might not get back to you quickly.

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