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Mr. D is guest columnist at Parentella today and tomorrow

In between all your back-to-school madness, take time to visit the blog at Parentella, where they will be publishing a two-part series on back-to-school from the teacher’s point of view, written by yours truly.

The folks at Parentella are really nice, and they’ve been very good at re-tweeting our posts at the Neighborhood for their thousands of Twitter followers.¬† Thanks for letting me use their space for our ridiculous rantings ūüėČ

I must say, I’m a bit of a neophyte at Twitter, but it seems to me that lots of people on the education forums love to pontificate and rehash tired platitudes.¬† Parentella, for the most part, keeps it pretty real (granted, not nearly as “adult-centered” as we are, but that’s okay ;)).¬†

I’ll be putting out one more post before I leave for Rehoboth Beach¬†on Saturday.¬† Most likely, it’ll be on my brief experience using Twitter so far.¬† Stay tuned.

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