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“School House Rock” videos for the Social Studies Classroom–“I’m Just a Bill” and “Tyrannosaurus Debt”

As teachers gear up for the beginning of the school year, its time to get our resources in order.  Today we have a few videos that still provide valuable instruction after many years.  The first is an old classic, “I’m Just a Bill.”  The heartwarming ditty about a bill’s journey through Washington’s legislative process is still useful for those kids who still can’t remember those pain-in-the-ass flow charts we see in so many civics textbooks.

The next piece is a little more obscure.  You’re kids may have watched some news during the summer.  They may ask about the big deal over health care reform.  “Tyrannosaurus Debt” is a big help in explaining why so many people are against this proposal–as well as many other proposals.  Heck, it may have (at one time) been the explanation for the Republican Party (although fiscal discipline went out the window in the Bush years.)

I’d love to hear from readers about how they used these and other streaming media in their classrooms.  If for nothing else, I could always use some pointers.

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