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Spoofing History: Don Cheadle as Frederick Douglass

As your finishing your last-minute paperwork before summer, the Neighborhood revisits an old theme with a new installment sure to “inform” and entertain.

The Drunk History franchise, seen on Funny or Die on HBO Comedy, has featured Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and even Nikola Tesla.  This most recent installment, whereas the cast acts out the drunk narration of a plastered host, features Don Cheadle as Frederick Douglass and Will Ferrell as Abraham Lincoln.  It’s probably too expletive-laden for the classroom, but fun to share with the faculty as you get those records in order.

Enjoy the video–hopefully it’ll kill enough time before vacation.

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Videos for the (VERY mature) classroom: Drunk History featuring Nikola Tesla

CollegeHumor’s Drunk History series is now part of HBO Comedy’s Funny or Die troupe.  Nikola Tesla is featured, starring John C. Reilly, with Crispin Glover as Thomas Edison.  How electric! 

Okay, I really deserve a beating for such a lame last line.

Maybe to make amends, I shold make a Drunk History of my own.  Sometime in the near future, I’ll be doing a Drunk History of (surprise, surprise) the Cuban Revolution.  Fidel would be proud.  Anyone who wants to help, let me know. 

No, you can’t be the drunk…I’ll take care of that.

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