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Update on the Jason Kovac situation at PS 14

Wow, you folks at PS 14 were right.  Jason Kovac is one tough nut to crack.

PS 14 in Throgs Neck has a new interim principal now, Ira Schulman, who will hopefully at least have better communication skills than his predecessor.  Former principal Jason Kovac was contacted numerous times to state his case after his raking in the UFT press.  Maybe he didn’t respond to e-mails.  Maybe his DOE e-mail isn’t working (If anyone knows his whereabouts, please let me know).

Nonetheless, Kovac has proven at least one of his allegations right: he believes he is above public scrutiny.  That adds up to being a pretty smug, self-serving you-know-what.

Any city teachers with any word on Kovac’s current status is welcome to comment or write here at the Neighborhood.  For one thing, we wish Principal Shulman and the folks at PS 14 the very best in the future.

Unless I hear otherwise, this case is closed.



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