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On Assignment: Mr. D from wildest Maine

Okay, I’m exaggerating.  The lakes region that’s an hour north of Portland is not all God’s country. 

How thrilled was I that I was able to find a wifi connection on this lake.  Thank you, b83f, for allowing me to access the rest of the world–considering my cabin has no cable, and no digital converter box.  We’re confined to watching PBS.  Another terrible British comedy and my significant other will bash my brains in with a scone.

With this new development, the posts should be a little more available than before.  Now it’s off to the lake.

PS: Anyone from the Lakes region of Maine or familiar with the area (Bridgton, Harrison, Naples, Norway, Paris, Windham, etc.) could suggest some cool things to do without the use of a lake, I’m all ears.

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